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"When you peel back the layers of excess things like packaging wrappers, filler ingredients and marketing materials room becomes available for more meaningful things."

Millions of dollars are wasted every year in the skin care industry where products sit on warehouse and retail shelves and ultimately end up in land fills. Many of the skin care products are made from silicones, toxins and excess plastic that do not break down in the environment. For this reason we do not buy our ingredients in bulk and we make our products fresh to order to ensure they do not get stuck in the conventional distribution models of mass skincare. 

While recycling is good it also takes an enormous amount of energy to recycle items. With this in mind we aim to minimize the amount of excess packaging in the first place. This goes against the norm in the skin care industry which is heavily over packaged with plastic wrap, boxes, marketing materials and plastic containers and ingredients. Our hope is that we can inspire more brands to take the same approach.

beauty without plastic filler ingredients.

Our Ingredient

We are proud of the ecological and cultural diversity of our ingredients, were inspired by the people who cultivate our ingredients, their lives and stories. We have aligned our purchasing of raw materials with artisan farmers, suppliers and manufactures who also appreciate quality over quantity. When you look at a skin care bottle from the out-side what isn’t apparent is just how many people, communities and habitats are involved in the ingredients found on the inside.  Ingredients do matter and ensuring natural resources for future generations is important to us.

Fair Trade Ingredients

We honor the power and potency of our ingredients and the real people and their efforts behind the ingredients.”


We are committed to supporting sustainable fair trade ingredients and recognize the Women behind so many of the ingredients found in skin care products.

We purchase our fair-trade ingredients like Argan Oil through Women’s Certified Co-ops. It takes close to 170 pounds of Argan nuts to make  64 ounces of oil. It is precious and we appreciate the hard work involved in making this precious oil.

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New eco-emulsifiers and plant-based silicones allow us to formulate truly luxurious textures and formulations while being kind to the planet.

turns out goats like argan oil as much as humans.


Not only do we not test our products on animals we also recognize the part that animals play in the overall sustainability of ingredients used in our formulations.


We do not import our products into countries that require animal testing. For example China requires skin care and cosmetics brands to submit to compulsory animal testing in government labs before regulators approve products for sale in the country. So even if a brand says they don’t test on animals if they sell in China or other regulated “animal testing required” countries then they test on animals period.



No Parabens – Phthalates – Synthetic Colors – Hydroquinone – Artificial Fragrance – Formaldehyde – Silicone – Mineral Oil – DEA’s – Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer – Hydrogenated Polyisobutene – Dimethicone – No Magic Or Secret Ingredients.

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