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Blueberry Pterostilbenes

Considered a “Master Antioxidant” and cellular booster, pronounced (terro-STILL-bean), a breakthrough ingredient molecule found largely in Blueberries that works synergistically with Resveratrol to activate one’s “longevity genes.

Master Antioxidants

If you haven’t heard of Pterostilbenes you soon will. Considered a breakthrough “Master Antioxidant” and cellular booster, pronounced (terro-STILL-bea) is found largely in Blueberries and works synergistically with Resveratrol known to produce beneficial effects on gene expression in ways that enhance those produced by resveratrol only more powerful as research shows. 


 Mitochondria Aging and Master Antioxidants

Mitochondria Aging is based on the theory that our cells DNA breakdown because of an overload of free radical damage. Our mitochondria produce energy by moving protons across the mitochondrial inner mem­brane through a series of chemical reactions. They in essence function like engines that use fuel to generate en­ergy. Like all engines, in addition to generating energy they also generate unwanted pollution.

Research has shown electron “leaks” that occur within the mitochondrial inner membrane reduces mitochondrial efficiency. The leakages limit ATP synthesis while damaging the mitochondria and the surrounding cellular environment. The leaks also leave cells more susceptible to destructive reactive oxygen species that compromise the health and lon­gevity of our cells by creating inflammation. This is now understood to be one of the primary factors responsible for pre-mature aging.

The majority of anti-aging ingre­dients don’t address this issue. Often skin care products provide a band-aid solution by only using topical antioxidants to limit extrinsic oxidative damage and masking agents to form films and tighten the skin instead of targeting the root cause of free radical damage. When applied topically Pterostilbenes are thought to be more powerful then all other anti-oxidants.


Master Antioxidants (Pterostilbenes) Help Fight Free Radical Damage

Pterostilbenes are believed to help protect against free radical damage and work in four stages:

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