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We merge our expertise in advanced botanical chemistry and anti-aging skin wellbeing to deliver visible radiance for every complexion. With over 350 active botanical ingredients we are proud of the ecological and cultural diversity of our ingredients, were inspired by the people who cultivate our ingredients, their lives and stories. We have aligned our purchasing of ingredients with artisan farmers, suppliers and green manufactures who also appreciate quality over quantity. When you look at a skin care bottle from the out-side what isn't apparent is just how many people, communities and habitats are involved in the ingredients found on the inside.


Our “Pterostilbene Master Antioxidant Infusion is an infusion of four key botanical compounds to help facilitate optimal youth enhancing dermal radiance. Blueberry Stem Cells, Resveratrol, Wakame Cells and a natural Lang-tu sirtuin complex from Podophyllum Peltatum. 


Source: Blueberry Stems Cells 

Description: Pterostilbene (terro-STILL-bean), largely found in blueberries and grapes. Pterostilbene and resveratrol are both stilbene compounds, closely related structurally. Researchers have found that these two compounds work synergistically to help activate one’s “longevity genes.” Our “Pterostilbene Master Antioxidant Infusion is an infusion of four key botanical compounds to help facilitate optimal youth enhancing dermal radiance.



Source: Melbac Grapes

Skin benefits: A natural antioxidant compound found in high amounts amongst the skins of grapes. Known to help neutralize free radical damage. 

Wakame Cells

Source: Wakame Algae Stem Cells 

Benefits: Derived from cultured wakame cells, a species of seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) that is considered to be a potent ingredient for purifying and fortifying the body in many Asian cultures. Clinically proven Wakame Bioferment helps purify excess pollution caused by free radical damage at the cellular level where aging starts.

Podophyllum Peltatum (Lang-tu Sirtuin Complex)

Source: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil & Saccharomyces/Podophyllum Peltatum Ferment Filtrate – 100% natural

Benefits: Clinically shown to help enhances cellular function by helping to protect the skin from environmental stressors.

Found In: Infusion Of Youth Collection


Learn More About Pterostilbene


9 Super Fruit Enzyme Compex

Source: Nine Superfruit Enzymes – 100% natural 

Skin Benefits: Our natural enzyme complex works instantly and over time to help loosen corneocyte attachments and reduce cell cohesion at the lower level of the stratum corneum to promote cellular renewal. As new skin cells generate, older cells slough off to reveal a smoother looking complexion. 

Found In: Liquid Radiance Exfoliating Enzymes



Phyto Caviar Complex

Source: Caulerpa lentillifera – 100% natural & vegan

Skin Benefits: Grown on rocks in full-mineral water and strong sunlight, Caulerpa lentillifera consist of only one cell with many nuclei, making them among the biggest single cells plant in the world. Rich in amino acids: Threonine, Valine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, Glutamic acid, Proline and Glycine that help boost collagen. This ultra luxurious green caviar for the skin is 100% natural and vegan.

Found In: Phyto Caviar Serum



Cold-Pressed Vitamin C Oil

Source: Certified Organic – Cold Pressed plant oils infused with  (THD ascorbate Vitamin C Molecule)

Skin Benefits: A organic cold-pressed plant infusion rich in “master antioxidants” are combined with  next generation (THD ascorbate) the gold-standard vitamin c  to rapidly correct  skin imperfections. This  complex works at the dermis layer to boost collagen production and instantly plump and hydrate the skin for a radiant and glowing complexion.

Found In: Vitamin C Cold Pressed Oil



Pomegranate Aquaporin Complex

Source: Pomegranate Sterols

Skin Benefits: Phytocompounds in Pomegranate enzymes have been shown to stimulate aquaporin expression. Aquaporins, which are also referred to as “water channels”, are essential structural proteins present in our cell membranes. They act as pores that regulate the transport of water in and out of our cells allowing water to be transported to areas where it is needed most. We incorporate pomegranate enzymes and hyaluronic acid to work in synergy to increase water retention to plump and hydrate the skin cells.


Found In: Liquid Radiance


ROSE 24™

Our Rose 24 blend is Mary’s life long passion and love for all things Rose. Mary first fell in love with Rose De Mai while doing her post graduate studies of Aromatherapy in Grasse France, Mary blends Rose De Mai with her proprietary Bulgarian Rose Oil to create a complex that offers anti-inflammatory properties and a sense of wellbeing. 

Rose De Mai

Source: Certified Organic – Rosa Centifolia – Grasse france, Steam Distilled

Skin Benefits: Rose de Mai is mostly cultivated in the city of Grasse in France, it has been used for thousands of years to help regenerate the skin and offer hydrating properties and a sense of well-being.

24K Gold

Source: Pure gold 

Skin benefits: Pure gold has long been used in skin for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. We infuse or our Rose 24 Drops with pure gold to help soothe dry and dehydrated skin types.

Rosa Damacena (thermal) Distillate

Source: Certified Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damacena, thermal steam distilled

Skin Benefits: Our proprietary Bulgarian Rosa Damascene Petal (first) Distillate is a special grade of rose petal distillate and oil that preserves the molecules and structure of the rose petals (25% Rose Oil to Water) ratio and the highest level of (damascenone) the component in the rose molecules that is responsible for the sensory profile. We use a low heat thermal distillation process that expresses the rose petals at a low temperature in order to keep the complete molecule in tact.

Found In: Rose 24 Hydrating Drops



A powerful natural alternative to retinol to address dark spots, sun damage and texture. Bakuchiol Babchi Seed Oil, a potent source of topical trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) works synergistically with Cacay and Rosehip Seed Oil to correct dark spots while a breakthrough next generation Vitamin C (THD Ascorbic) is clinically proven to boost collagen production. Leaves skin smooth and radiant. 

Organic Cold-Pressed Bakuchiol Babchi Seed Oil

Source: Certified Organic – Bakuchiol Babchi Seed Oil

Skin Benefits: An ayurvedic oil that helps calm and soothe skin inflammation. Works to correct dark spots and skin imperfections. Offers retinol like properties without causing redness and inflammation. 

Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

Source: Certified Organic – Cold Pressed

Skin benefits: A natural source of topical trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) – Rosehip Seed Oil contains the benefits of retinol but without secondary side effects such as irritation, because it is a natural source and is part of the whole fruit oil. Helps fade dark spots and increase skin rejuvenation.

Organic Cold-Pressed Cacay Seed Oil

Source: Certified Organic – Cold-pressed seeds Caryodendron Orinocense from Brazil. 

Skin Benefits: Rich in Vitamin A, is known to help regenerate skin. The cultivation and harvesting of the Cacay nuts is helping to generate income for people in the Amazon Regions of South America, this will become a revenue generator for this region as popularity of this amazing nut oil becomes more well known.

Found In: Bakuchiol Retinol Analog



White Orchid Flower Milk

Source: Phalaenopsis Amabilis (pressed orchid flower milk) Extract

Skin Benefits: A revolutionary hydrating concentrate that immediately becomes one with skin, recreating a youthful skin-identical lipid barrier to instantly restore moisture and vitality. Made by pressing the White Orchid Petals to extract the “liquid milk” – a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins to deeply replenish the skin while water-loving Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil droplets plump and soften fine lines for a restored dewy complexion.

Found In: Pressed Flower Milk



Organic Raw Himalayan Honey

Source: Certified Organic Raw Himalayan Honey, Found in the virgin forests of the Kasmir Valley in the Himalayan Mountains. 

Skin Benefits: Considered the purest honey on earth, it is rich in Gluconic Acid – a mild alpha hydroxy acid that sloughs dead skin cells and brightens the complexion while Blue Agave Nectar helps purifies the skin. Pure 24K Gold is infused with cold pressed Himalayan plant oils to help calm inflammation and restore hydration. A true beautifying elixir that benefits all kinds of skin conditions while restoring the skin’s natural microflora.

Natural harvesting methods ensure that the bees are protected and all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals stay in tack. This honey mask is made without preservatives and has not been heated to maintain the natural structure of Vitamin B, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Potassium and Calcium.

Found In: Himalayan Honey Mask



Mangosteen Longevity Complex

Source: Organic Mangosteen & Cold-Pressed plant Oils

Skin Benefits: Although it sounds similar to the mango, the mangosteen is not related.  Discovered in South East Asia in the 19th century it is considered the Queen of all super fruits. We cold-press our mangosteen fruit and then infuse the pulp with cold-pressed Rosehip, Argan,  Pomegranate and Blueberry oil,  all rich in master antioxidants to help fight free radical damage while Tumeric helps to reduce inflammation.

Found In: Beauty Nutrients Longevity Booster



Organic Hydra-Plumping Complex

Source: Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil & Vitamin B3 Phopolipids

Skin Benefits: Hydrophilic portions of the phospholipids naturally migrate to the hydrophilic environments where they interdigitate with the epidermal matrix to plump and soften fine lines. A rich source of amino acids, proteins, B vitamins and minerals, the dehydrated organic phospholipids disperse on the skin and offer immediate hydration and soothing benefits. 

Found In: Nude Luminosity and Phyto Caviar Serum



We are committed to supporting sustainable fair trade partners and recognize the Women behind so many of the ingredients found in skin care products. Below are the fair trade cold pressed oils that we purchase for use in our blends.


Cold-Pressed Oils From Women's Cooperative

We are committed to supporting sustainable fair trade ingredients and recognize the Women behind so many of the ingredients found in skin care products.

We purchase our fair-trade ingredients like Argan Oil through Women’s Certified Co-ops. It takes close to 170 pounds of Argan nuts to make  64 ounces of oil. It is precious and we appreciate the hard work involved in making this precious oil.



At the heart of our formulations is a potent infusion of precious botanicals, clinically proven actives, vitamins, minerals and peptides that are delivered directly to your skin with our proprietary Hydro-Dynamic Delivery Systems™ 

Hydro-Dynamic Delivery System

Water is the life force of all living things and is critical to the health of our bodies and skin. One of the main reasons humans and plants need water is to be able to transport nutrients to other parts of the body. Our Hydro Dynamic Delivery System™ is completely bio-available with the skin and acts as a delivery-vessel to transport all of the vital nutrients so your skin can immediately benefit from the actives upon contact.


Ol Factory Sensorial Delivery

The art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic molecules from plants to harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Sensorial botanicals help enhance an individual’s innate process of wellbeing.