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Purifying Cleansing Oil


(11 customer reviews)

Based on the Eastern tradition of the double cleansing method, this all natural silky cleansing oil melts away all make-up including waterproof mascara. Highly purifying, Black Currant Seed Oil helps draw environmental pollution away from the skin cells while cold pressed plant oils – Marula, Crambe Abyssinica and Moringa offer superb regenerative properties. This two-in-one cleansing oil with leave your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


Perfect For: All skin types, especially those who wear sunscreen and make-up. This cleansing oil rinses away perfectly and can be used alone or as the first step in the double cleanse method.


I created this cleansing oil as a deep cleanser for stubborn sun screens, make-up and mascara. Turns into a milky cleanser once activated with water. Infused with precious cold-pressed plant oils to leave your skin smooth and perfectly hydrated.
    Marula (Cold Pressed) Oil: A purifying oil for deep makeup removal without clogging the pores, helps to lift dirt and oil away from the pores.
Black Currant (Cold Pressed) Seed Oil: Known as a natural skin purifier, helps to decongest the skin and pores form debris and congestion.
    Crambe Abyssinia (Cold Pressed Seed) Oil: Contains a high level of cis-12-docosenoic acid, a long chain fatty acid which contributes to its superb moisturizing properties.
Sensorial Botanical Infusion™: Flower molecules of Orange Blossom and Neroli work synergistically to activate vital youth regeneration through recalibration of the (Skin’s pH + Sensory Limbic System™) renewing both the mind and body.
    Cold Pressed Black Currant Seed Oil: Tones and purifies the skin.
    For: All Skin Types
Application: Massage onto dry skin, begin massaging the face in circular movements to dissolve all make-up before adding water to rinse off with or without a face cloth. For external use only, avoid direct contact with the eyes.
    Precautions: Not to be used on irritated or active acne skin, rosacea, open sores or other skin ailments. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.
Use By Date: This cleanser contains high concentrations of active ingredients that are at their most potent within 12 months from purchase date. All of Mary Allan skincare products are made fresh to order and do not sit on retail shelves for long periods of time to ensure maximum potency of active Ingredients.
    Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional skin care provider and or physician.
Total Ingredient Composition: Helianthus annuus (Cold pressed sunflower seed) oil*, isoamyl laurate, Sclerocarya birrea (cold pressed marula) fruit kernel oil (†), polyglyceryl-2-sesquioleate, Crambe abyssinica (cold pressed seed) oil phytosterol esters, polyglyceryl-2 caprate, Moringa pterygosperma (cold pressed seed) extract (†), octyldodecanol (Long-chain fatty acid), Ribes nigrum (cold pressed black currant) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (cold pressed sunflower seed) oil unsaponifiables, Citrus aurantium var. amara (Neroli) Oil, Citrus limon extract, Myrtus communis extract, Citrus aurantium, Rosa damascena (Thermal steam) otto*.
    Ingredient Classification: **Wildcrafted Ingredients. *Organic Ingredients. Fair Trade (†)
Glass Packaging: Each product is hand blended and poured into glass packaging that is 100% recyclable.
    Beauty Without: Parabens - Phthalates - Synthetic Colors - Hydroquinone - Artificial Fragrance - Formaldehyde - Not Tested On Animals



Cold Pressed Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Marula Oil

Cold Pressed Crambe Abyssinica Oil

Cold Pressed Moringa Pterygosperma Oil

Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil

Neroli Oil

Citrus Limon Extract

Rosa Damascena (Thermal) Otto


(Cold Pressed Blackcurrant Seed Oil) 

A shrub native to Europe and parts of Northern Asia that grows in damp, fertile soil, the fruit is rich in vitamin c and is known as the most purifying of all fruit berries. We infuse Blackcurrant Seed Oil into this cleanser to help unclog the pores and detoxify the skin cells.


High Performance Skin Care FREE FROM SKIN AGING TOXINS: No Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Colors, Hydroquinone, Artificial Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Silicone, Mineral Oil. For our complete list of non-acceptable ingredients please CLICK HERE

11 reviews for Purifying Cleansing Oil

  1. Joanne Richards – Verified Buyer

    Absolutely love this cleansing oil. It is so luxurious and effectively removes all of my make-up including my waterproof sunscreen. It rinses away unlike so many cleansing oils that leave a residue, this one doesn’t. My skin feels clean, soft and hydrated after I use this. Such high quality ingredients, will repurchase again.

  2. Lisa – Verifed Buyer

    This is such a high quality cleansing oil that does a great job of removing all of my make-up. I love that it doesn’t contain a bunch of chemicals and that it is mainly made from plant oils. It completely rinses away when I use warm water and my face cloth. Leaves my skin feeling so clean and hydrated. My new favorite!

  3. Karen – Verified Buyer

    This is so luxurious and silky, just love using this so much! I use this in the PM to remove all of my make-up and then I double cleanse with the rosehip cleansing gel. I love that there are so many purifying plant oils in this product and that is is silicone and plastic free. I will be trying more products as the customer service and products are such high quality!

  4. Suzanne R. – Verified Buyer


    I wear both sunscreen and foundation and I have found this to be the most effective cleansing oil that is not loaded with chemicals. It is so silky and hydrating and also rinses off without any greasy residue. I like to use it as a double cleanse and I follow with a cleansing gel. Will be repurchasing, highly recommend!

  5. Sandra – Verified Buyer


    I’m always in search of the best cleansing oil and so happy to find this one! It is very nourishing and purifies my skin without a greasy residue. I love all of the beautiful natural oils and that it doesn’t contain any toxins.

  6. Pamela – Verified Buyer


    I love that is cleansing oil is both natural and effective. It takes off all of my make-up and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. I love the beautiful plant oils and high quality ingredients! I will be trying other products by Mary Allan as I love her philosophy and great personalized service!

  7. Jolene Saunders

    THE BEST!!!

    I’m obsessed with this cleansing oil! It removes my water-proof mascara and rinses away with water and a warm face cloth. I use this on it’s own and as a double cleanse. I have tried so many natural cleansing oils that don’t rinse off, this is the only one that actually rinses away. Will repurchase!

  8. Mia Eveans – Verified Buyer

    This is such a beautiful nourishing cleansing oil. I love all of the natural plant oils and the fact that it does not contain any PEGS. I use this at night to remove all of my makeup, it rinses away with water and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated. A great find!

  9. Veronica – Verified Buyer

    I love this cleansing oil. I have oily skin and this is the only cleansing oil I have ever used that does not cause breakouts. It completely rinses away without a greasy after feel and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated but not oily.

  10. Michelle – Verified Buyer

    I use this at night to remove my make-up and I find I can rinse this off without a greasy residue and or use as part of my double cleanse when I have time. I love all of the natural plant oils, it leaves my skin so clean and hydrated.

  11. Stacie Loraine – Verifed Buyer

    I don’t usually write reviews but this cleanser deserves 10 stars if I could leave that many. This is the BEST cleansing oil I have tried that is all natural. Most of the time when you buy a cleansing oil that is all natural it leaves a greasy residue on the face. Well not the case this this one, it is light, silky, removes all of my make-up and rinses away with my warm muslin cloth. Absolutely perfect!

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