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Rose 24™ Drops


Just a few precious drops of this ingenious hydrating veil with age defying results will restore radiance and vitality to your complexion. Bulgarian Rose Petal Water is suspended with pure Gold to combine water organization and anti-inflammatory benefits while Hyaluronic Acid provides superior emollient properties to bring your complexion back to life. This serum works like a true beauty concentrate with daily antioxidant protection for well hydrated and revitalized skin.




*98.90 % of the total of the ingredients are from natural origin.

*Made with our proprietary Thermal Rose Distillate

Our proprietary Bulgarian Rosa Damascene Petal (thermal) Distillate is a special grade of rose petal distillate and oil that preserves the molecules and structure of the rose petals (25% Rose Oil to Water) ratio and the highest level of (damascenone) the component in the rose molecules that is responsible for the sensory profile. We use a low heat thermal distillation process that expresses the rose petals at a low temperature in order to keep the complete molecule in tact. 

High Performance Skin Care With-Out Compromise. FREE FROM SKIN AGING TOXINS: No Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Colors, Hydroquinone, Artificial Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Silicone, Mineral Oil. For our complete list of non-acceptable ingredients please CLICK HERE




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