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We believe skin care ingredients should create vitality without compromising your health. We are vigilant about our ingredients and base our formulation decisions on several factors such as efficacy, safety and proven studied results and not just whether an ingredient is natural or not as many natural ingredients are heavily processed and do not belong in skin care formulations.

We use several resources when analyzing the ingredients for our formulations including the EWG database and the Whole Foods Premium List of non-acceptable ingredients as we feel these list are most closely aligned with our belief in dermal vitality and biodegradable earth friendly ingredients  We are far more interested in what goes into our products then what is not in our products and we would never want to fall short of offering the very best formulations just to fit into a “green washing” box.

When it comes to our ingredients we categorize them according to what they are, how they are processed and what their benefits are. 

For our list of un-acceptable ingredients click here