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  /  Antiaging Breakthroughs   /  THD Ascorbate – The Only Vitamin C That Can Replace Your Retinol

Every anti-aging regimen should contain brightening and collagen boosting properties and until very recently you had to use Vitamin C and Vitamin A  in order to achieve both.

Contrary to popular belief L-Absorbic Acid does not boost collagen and that is because L-Absorbic Acid is water-soluble and can’t get past the epidermis layer.  On-top of L-Absorbic Acid not being able to boost collagen it is also highly unstable and needs to be formulated at a very low PH level which causes skin sensitivities and dryness.

With next generation Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD Ascorbate) – an oil soluble form of vitamin c you can now boost collagen and brighten the skin in one step. THD Ascorbate excels in clinical tests over L-Absorbic Acid for it’s ability to stimulate collagen production and is shown to be better tolerated by sensitive skin because it is in a higher Ph range due to the fact that it is oil soluble. THD requires a smaller percentage when compared to L-Absorbic Acid with 10% equalling 15% L-Absorbic Acid.

No longer is stability an issue when using a vitamin c product that contains (THD ascorbate) as it is highly stable and offers a much longer shelf life then products made with L-Absorbic Acid. I love the fact that not only is it gentle but it is also highly beneficial for drier skin types. You can find this ingredient in a couple of our products: Vitamin C Cold Pressed Oil and Infusion Of Youth Beautifying Oil

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