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Why Fresh Matters

For the same reason fresh food is always the best choice for our health the same holds true for our skin. Our “Made Fresh To Order” skin care formulations are largely made up of natural plant botanicals, minerals, vitamins and anti-aging actives that all have a shelf life for maximum potency. 

Many mass brands run large batches of products where they first sit on warehouse shelves, then to the retailer, then the products sit until sold. From there to your bathroom cabinet, by the time it gets onto your skin the chances are high that the product has already started to oxidize especially if you are using natural ingredients that are light sensitive.

For example, you may think you’re getting a potent Vitamin C product when in fact you are getting oxidize L-Absorbic Acid that actually causes more damage then good.

Since the beginning Mary Allan Skin Care has always made products in small batches and as we grow we align ourselves with like minded retailers who share in the same philosophy that fresh ingredients matter.

Our Fresh Approach


Our products are "made to order" in small micro-batches.


We use opaque glass that blocks out UVA and UVB light for all of our light sensitive ingredients.


We incorporate highly sable ingredient technology such as THD Ascorbate in place of L-Absorbic Acid and vitamin encapsulation technology for all light and oxygen sensitive ingredients.


We partner with retailers who share our same “Fresh Is Best” philosophy.

The quality and freshness of our products is apparent from the very first moment you apply them to your skin and experience first hand the power of fresh, potent ingredients.