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We do not test any of our ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals. Our products are cruelty-free every step of the way. In addition, we do not import our products into China or any other country that requires mandatory animal testing or 3rd party animal testing on skin care products.

While we have decided to exclude most synthetic ingredients, the efficacy of our anti-aging formulations and our “Clean Beauty” approach for both the skin and the environment is our main focus. Having been in the skin care industry for over two decades and experience in both 100% natural organic, biodynamic and science based skin care we feel the very best results are achieved when there is innovation first ahead of formulating to fit into a category box such as all natural.

We source the purest most superior ingredients that are clinically proven to work on the skin, this is a synergy of Organic, Biodynamic, Wild Crafted Botanicals combined with clinically proven anti-aging actives that are efficacious and safe.

To define ourselves as all natural would eliminate our ability to take advantage of some of the most superior forms of active ingredients for example; Vitamin C Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and L-Absorbic Acid –  which are synthetically derived and have hundreds of studies and proven results. Sadly there are many skin care  brands that claim these to be natural when in fact they are not. In our 25 years in the skin care industry we have yet to find a natural active that has the same clinically proven results and efficacy as Vitamin C Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. For this reason alone we have decided not to define ourselves as a 100% natural brand.


Our sustainable glass packaging is designed with our intention to be mindful of the environment and with this we decided on a label that can be peeled off so that the bottles and jars can be repurposed and not just thrown away for recycling which is great but is also a heavily burdened aspect of over consumption. Our glass bottles are hand blown glass and can become beautiful bud vases and small keepsake jars. 

We do offer a fully recyclable PET shower size bottle by request for all of our cleansers due to the safety of glass in the shower. We are currently sourcing new green technology to replace the plastic pumps and lids and as the plastic ban becomes more wide spread this task will become easier to accomplish.

All of our light sensitive actives are packaged in our white UVA/UVB glass packaging that can also be recycled.

Every order is shipped with product samples, we also offer a travel size discovery set that is a great option when you want to try a product before purchasing it. We offer three different discovery sets and also encourage you to fill out our complimentary on-line questionnaire so we can personalize the discovery set for you. DISCOVERY SET LINK

We are currently working on a non-toxic sunscreen that we can feel good about selling. We consider sun protection to be one of the very best ways to protect the skin. We are hoping to launch our sun screen in late 2019.

With our products containing natural and naturally derived ingredients there is always a possibility that you may find an ingredient you are allergic to. To help you navigate the ingredients in each product we have listed them on each product page on the drop down menu. We are also more then happy to help you select products if you have known allergies and welcome you to fill out our on-line consultation form

All of our face treatment oils are made with non-comedogenic cold-pressed plant oils. Not all face oils are created equal and many face oils on the market contain pore clogging oils.

The best way to determine if a plant oil will clog your pores is to check it’s comedogenic scale. The scale uses a numbering system of 0 to 5. Here’s how the numbers rank on the scale:


0 – zero pore clogging (ideal for all skin types)

1 – very low (can be used by most skin types)

2 – moderately low (most skin types can use a minimal amount of level 2 plant oils)

3 – moderate (lipid dry skin types only – not for oily or acne skin)

4 – pore clogging (should only be used to treat true lipid dry skin types only)

5 – extremely pore clogging (should only be used in body care)


All Skin Types: Argan Oil (0), Black Cumin Seed Oil (1-2), Black Raspberry Seed Oil (1-2), Blueberry Seed Oil (0), Cacay Oil (1), Daikon Seed Oil, (0), Grape Seed Oil (1), Olive Oil (1-2), Plum Kernel Oil (2), Pomegranate Oil (1), Prickly Pear Seed Oil (1), Red Raspberry Seed Oil (0-1), Rosehip Seed Oil (1), Sea Buckthorn Oil (1), Shea Butter (0-1), Phyto Squalane (0-1), Strawberry Seed Oil (1), Sunflower Seed Oil (0)

Oil Dry Skin Types: Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil (1), Acai Berry Oil (1), Amaranth Oil (2), Apricot Kernel Oil (2), Avocado Oil (3), Carrot Seed Oil (3-4), Cupuacu Butter (4), Jojoba Oil (2), Kukui Nut Oil (2), Flax Seed Oil (4), Macadamia Nut Oil (4), Mango Butter (2), Olive Oil (1-2), Palm Kernel Oil (4), Papaya Seed Oil (2-3), Pequi Oil (3), Plum Kernel Oil (2), Pomegranate Oil (1), Prickly Pear Seed Oil (1), Rice Bran Oil (2), Shea Butter (0-1), Tea Seed Oil (2), Phyto Squalane (0-1), Strawberry Seed Oil (1), Sweet Almond Oil (1)

Sensitive And Anti-inflammatory Skin Types: Argan Oil (0), Babassu Oil (1-2), Borage Oil (2), Cucumber Seed Oil (1), Hemp Seed Oil (0), Mango Butter (2), Meadowfoam Seed Oil (1-2), Oat Oil (1-2), Peach Kernel Oil (2), Sacha Inchi Oil (0-1), Sea Buckthorn Oil 91), Shea Butter (0-1), Phyto Squalane (0-1), Sweet Almond Oil (1), Sunflower Seed Oil (0), Tamanu Oil (2)

Acne Skin Type: (should only use oils with a (0-1) score: Hemp Seed Oil (0), Hazelnut Oil (0), Rosehip Seed Oil (1), Cacay Oil (1), Castor Oil (1), Goji Seed Oil (0), Meadowfoam Seed Oil (1-2), Neem Oil (1), Pumpkin Seed Oil (1), Red Raspberry Seed Oil (0-1), Sacha Inchi Oil (0-1), Phyto Squalane (0-1), Safflower (0), Strawberry Seed Oil (1), Sunflower Seed Oil (0), Watermelon Seed Oil (1)

All of our products are free from below ingredients:

  • Prescription Strength Retinoids Found in prescription acne and anti-aging medications (Please note we do use Vitamin A derivatives and Retinol (over the counter) in some of our formulations. We do not advise using vitamin A or Retinol while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Acne Medications
  • Hydroquinone
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde

Every person’s decision of what ingredients to use while pregnant is personal so please feel free to email us about a particular ingredient as we are also able to customize all of our face oils to leave out essential oils and vitamin c.

The essential oil is solely the “volatile aroma” components of the plant while the plant extract can be from the whole plant or just part of the plant. A plant extract can be made from a tincture infusion or dried plant and because they contain more then just the aroma part of the plant it can be used in much higher doses and is generally well tolerated by most skin types.


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All information that we obtain about you will be recorded, used, and protected by Mary Allan in accordance with current data protection legislation and this privacy policy. We will use your information to provide our products and services to you and these uses may include the following:

– To provide products and services you request
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In order to provide our products and services to you, we may need to appoint other organizations to carry out some of the processing activities these may include: delivery organizations (such as UPS or Fedex) In these circumstances, we will ensure that your information is properly protected and that it is only used in accordance with this policy. You can decide at anytime to cancel your account and or to opt out of promotional offers and news letters by writing to us by email (see contact us).

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Essential Oil Safety

Not all essential oils are sensitizing and when formulated correctly essential oils can have profound regenerative properties on the skin. Essential oils are highly medicinal and offer many benefits for the whole body but just like any form of alternative medicine there needs to be caution when using them on the skin.

Essential Oils have recently become the new “bad ingredient” in skin care and have been called a skin sensitizer. While there are some essential oils that are skin sensitizers not all essential oils are. With so many natural face care products on the market that are using very high percentages of multiply EO’s in one formulation along with essential oils that should not be applied to the skin such as phototoxic essential oils it’s no wonder people are having a negative reaction to EO’s. In addition we are seeing essential oils being used in formulations for color because it looks beautiful on instagram, an example of this is the Blue Tansy craze. While Blue Tansy has no known safety issues it should only be used at 1 to 2% in a skin care face product not at the 20 to 30% that we are currently seeing.

When you see natural products that claim a high percentage of “actives” it is best to read the ingredient label and ensure the actives are not all from essential oils but are a balance of cold pressed plant oils (the body of the formulation), the plant “extract” and minimal “essential oils” (less then 1% – 1.5% of non-sensitizing essential oils for leave on face products)

Just because it is a natural product it does not mean it is safe and or formulated with face-friendly essential oils.

Phototoxic Essential Oils

***Phototoxicity happens when certain chemical constituents bind to DNA in the skin and then react with UV light. Phototoxic burns and tissue damage can result and usually show up 1-24 hours after UV exposure. The burns can leave skin discolored for several months and in some cases permanent discoloration can occur. 

Phototoxic EO’s that should not be used for leave on skin care products exposed to sunlight: While below oils all contain remarkable regenerative properties they should not be used in leave-on skin and body care products where there is direct sun-light exposure. It is best to use these oils in rinse off skin care products, at night time and or in diffusers.

  • Bergamot Essential Oil 
  • Angelica Root Essential Oil
  • Cumin Essential Oil
  • Fig Leaf Absolute
  • Expressed Bitter Orange Essential Oil (peel)
  • Expressed Lime Essential Oil (peel)

Non Phytotoxic Citrus Essential Oils

**There is a lot of confusion around citrus essential oils and their photo-toxic levels. Most citrus oils can be applied to and are highly beneficial for the skin in small doses. Below oils are shown by extraction method as many citrus oils use both parts of the plant and not all citrus oils that are cold pressed are safe for face care use. While there are too many to list, the oils below are the most popular ones found in skin care products.

Safe For Leave On Skin And Body Care

  • Blood Orange (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)
  • Bergapten-free Bergamot (PM use only, while Bergamot has been shown to help with melasma it is also a known phytotoxin so for cautionary reasons we do not recommend any leave on skin care products that contain Bergamot or Bergapten free and for melasma we suggest natural Bearberry Extract.)
  • Lemon (Steam Distilled Only, Lemon should not be mixed with Bergamot)
  • Lime (Steam Distilled Only)
  • Mandarin (Steam Distilled Only)
  • Neroli (Steam Distilled)
  • Petitgrain (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)
  • Satsuma (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)
  • Sweet Orange (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)
  • Tangerine (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)
  • Yuzu Oil (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)

Best Essential Oils By Skin Type

Aging: Rosa Damacena, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Clary Sage, Mrytle, Petigrain

Acne-Prone: Lemon (steam distilled only), Cypress, Tea tree, Niaouli, Nettle, Rosemary, Myrrh

Skin Inflammation: Lavender, Basil, Turmeric, German Chamomile, Ginger, Calendula

Skin Balancing: Helichrysum, Cederwood, Jasmine, Lemon (steam distilled only)

Overly Sensitive Skin: Should avoid essential oils and stay with the whole cold-pressed oil of the plant and or extract. 

***When in doubt always conduct a skin patch test by applying the skin care product to your forearm and allow 24 hours to see if there is any adverse reaction.