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We do not test any of our ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals. Our products are cruelty-free every step of the way. In addition, we do not import our products into China or any other country that requires mandatory animal testing or 3rd party animal testing on skin care products.

We are vigilant about our ingredients and base our formulation decisions on several factors such as efficacy, safety and proven studied results and not just whether an ingredient is natural or not as many natural ingredients are heavily processed and do not belong in skin care formulations.

We use several resources when analyzing the ingredients for our formulations including the EWG database and the Whole Foods Premium List as we feel these list are most closely aligned with our belief in dermal vitality and biodegradable earth friendly ingredients. We are far more interested in what goes into our products then what is not in our products and we would never want to fall short of offering the very best formulations just to fit into a “green washing” box. When it comes to our ingredients we categorize them according to what they are, how they are processed and what their benefits are. 

For our list of un-acceptable ingredients click here


While most of our formulations are 100% natural and naturally derived we do not by intention only make products that are 100% natural. While we have decided to exclude most synthetic ingredients, the efficacy of our anti-aging formulations and our non-toxic approach to beauty for both the skin and the environment is our main focus. 

Having been in the skin care industry for over two decades and experience in both 100% natural organic, biodynamic and science based skin care we feel the very best results are achieved when there is innovation first ahead of formulating to fit into a category box such as all natural. To define ourselves as all natural would eliminate our ability to take advantage of some of the most superior forms of active ingredients for example; Vitamin C –  which is synthetically derived and has hundreds of studies and proven results – we would not want to leave this ingredient out so that we can say we are a natural brand. Same is true for other well proven actives that are time tested such as peptides.  

For us it’s not so much natural versus unnatural as the natural ingredient market now contains many overly processed “so called” natural ingredients that are made in labs such as plant stem cells which we do use but are careful to not be hypocritical in saying we are all natural when we actually use ingredients that come from a lab. 

We list full ingredients on each product page so that each consumer can decide what is right for their lifestyle choices.

Our focus has always been a balance of both functionality and environmental wellbeing.

We package all of our retail sized products and as many travel size in glass containers whenever possible. We do offer a fully recyclable PET shower size bottle for all of our cleansers due to the safety of glass in the shower. We are currently sourcing new green technology to replace the plastic pumps and lids and as the plastic ban becomes more wide spread this task will become easier to accomplish.



All of our products are free of animal ingredients and by products of animals with the exception of Honey and Propolis that we use in the following products: Himalayan Honey Mask, Daily Dirt Exfoliant and Elixir Noir Cleanser 

Below is the type and process we use for our honey usage.

Our prime concern is for the health and natural life of the honey bee and this is why wild honey is very costly as it is not over harvested for mass production. Our honey is ethically sourced, raw, certified organic, certified GMO free and Fair Trade Certified from an artisanal honey collector.

Ethically Sourced

1.  The bees eat only the pollen which they collect from nature, and are not feed “pollen substitutes” which can be made of GMO soya or other substitutes of any kind.

2.  The honey bees are not imported Queens, nor do we use honey from Queen raising methods. 

3.  There are no chemicals used to collect the honey.

4. The honey is raw and unfiltered.

5. The honey has not been heated. Unpasteurized honey does not mean they did not heat the honey up for processing.
6. The beehive is not depleted of all of the honey like with mass produced honey.

Every order is shipped with product samples, we also offer a travel size discovery set that is a great option when you want to try a product before purchasing it. We offer three different discovery sets and also encourage you to fill out our complimentary on-line questionnaire so we can personalize the discovery set for you. DISCOVERY SET LINK

We are currently working on a non-toxic sunscreen that we can feel good about selling. We consider sun protection to be one of the very best ways to protect the skin. We are hoping to launch our sun screen in late 2019.

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