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A life long passion spanning two decades, Mary is the formulator and founder of Mary Allan Skincare, a collection of premium skin care products founded in Los Angeles California. An expert on skin health Mary served as Vice President of Global Education for the International Dermal Institute, considered the gold star of post-graduate education for skincare professionals with 32 institutes worldwide. Prior to that Mary was Vice President of Jurlique Retail Group USA.

Inspired by the natural clean lifestyle of Vancouver Island Mary got her start in the skin care industry after she embarked on five years of formal training in botanical skin care formulation, holistic aromatherapy and advanced full body esthetics. 

After two decades in the corporate skin care world Mary left to create her own formulations and quickly gained a reputation among decreeing Women who share the same approach and philosophy towards clean beauty products as Mary. For eight years Mary created her custom formulations privately for a loyal clientele and other niche skin care brands before launching her bespoke collection in 2018.

Mary's namesake skincare collection marries the very best of science and nature. Her core belief – which I completely stand by as well – is this: “I don’t feel the end user should have to pick one over the other.” - Katie Chang

Age and beauty reunite when we decide to live in the present moment” - Mary

”For the most part in western society we look at aging as a bad thing that happens to us instead of the miracle of living life well at all different stages of life. I have found it useful to think about aging more in the context of daily lifestyle choices to stay youthful rather then to reverse the natural process of living. This is the approach I take when thinking about what the skin needs to stay youthful and radiant regardless of our age. I’m fascinated by the Blue Zone regions where people live to be over 100 and one thing that stands out about these people is that all of them make daily lifestyle choices that are good for their body and their soul. A balance of good healthy lifestyle habits. For the skin to age well it needs the mind, body and soul in alignment to one another. My main goal when creating my formulations is that they are full of life giving vitality, proven anti-aging actives and ingredients that you can feel good about using both for you and the environment. It is my wish for all of us to feel truly beautiful as we are and that each day can be filled with a sense of wellbeing.”
"I love the personal one on one connection I get to have with my customers and I welcome you to fill out my on-line skin care consultation form where you will receive real honest advice from a real person that is not automated."